Al Pivcevich stuffs a run for no gain. I hope you don't get tired of seeing pictures of the toss sweep... ...although I'm pretty sure Westlake was sick of it by the end of the game. On 4th & one, it's Collin Lucas getting the pitch as he gains five yards fo rthe first down. For a change of pace, David Winkel hands off to Wyatt Ohm as Lucas and Matt Pechaitis clear the way. Wyatt runs through a huge hole... ...and dodges his way downfield for a first down. Winkel looks right as he drops back... ...and throws the weekly touchdown pass to Max Seipel. Jace Russell returns an interception to the Westlake 14. Seipel takes a pass for 12 yards down to the Demons two yard line. Winkel turns to hand to Lucas... ...and Collin cruises in standing for the score. Westlake's tailback finds an unpleasant sight in the hole. Winkel had trouble fielding this snap... ...but ad-libbed his way to a scrambling first down. David had quite a few nice impromptu runs, this one good for 21 yards. The Shoremen O-Line collapses the Demons defensive front... ...and Lucas rambles ahead for 19 yards. Collin powers through another nice hole... ...and cruises 24 yards for his second TD of the night. Ohm whacks the receiver in the flat to hold this completion to a gain of one. Demons signal caller Kent Axcell had a lot of success running quarterback draws up the middle... ...last year. Kyle Kuhar won't let Axcel step into the throw. The O-Line neutralized the Demons defensive front all night long. Pechaitis sets to protect Winkel. Trevor Anderson belts Axcell for a sack. This has to take a lot lot of the fun out of playing quarterback. Ben Oxley catches Axcell trying to run the draw again. Russell returns the second half kickoff to the Shoremen 41. Austin Doyle puts a perfect reach block on a defender... ...and Avon Lake gained yardage at will on the toss. Russell heads upfield on a 25 yard catch and run. Doyle and Pechaitis pull to lead  a counter. Ohm catches a pass in the left flat... ...and battles past a DB across the goal line. The front wall allows zero penetration on the extra point. Lucas finds a little seam over the left side. Ohm & Kuhar give Winkel plenty of time to throw. Sam McKinley fires off the ball. Turner Keane chases down Axcell... ...and forces an incompletion as the ball flutters harmlessly away. Lucas gets another handoff from Winkel... ...and busts through another big hole. Russell strings out a jet sweep as Thielman pursues... ...and together they stop the run for no gain. Anderson forces Axcell to bounce outside... ...and Thielman runs hin down again. Winkel fires a pass out to the right. Toss sweep, rear view. Toss right, front view. And  again. Lucas and Ohm block for Winkel Meanwhile, the Westlake running game just never got started... these guys just couldn't be moved. Kyle Beck returns an interception that ended Westlake's only threat of the second half. Sam Telepak crushes a linebacker. Brian Sharpe cuts behind a block. Chris Chakirelis lines up as a wideout. Connor Novotny releases into the right flat... ...waits for a pass from Cole Schmidt... ...and turns upfield for a first down. Robby Fenik blocks a DB. Andy Varnis drops in pass coverage. Gavin Coe fights off a block... ...and pursues the runner. Thielman and Nick Horton on their way to block a punt.