It was tough sledding for the Shoremen offense Friday night as there were no holes at all. The O-line sets to protect David Winkel... ...who has plenty of time to throw... ...but the Ranger defense was as good against the pass as it was against the run. Ridgeville 2013 07 Max Seipel and Wyatt Ohm string out a sweep... ...and Wyatt makes the tackle before the runner can turn upfield. Al Pivcevich wraps up Ranger QB Jason Lucas after a short gain. Danny Disbrow gets a grip on fullback Jonah Bowden... ...and holds him to a gain of one with help from Pivcevich and Anthony Thielman. Disbrow and Trevor Anderson bring down C.J. Osbourne. Winkel fakes play action as he drops to pass... ...and hits Matt Gottschall for 12 yards, to give the Shoremen a little bit of momentum just as lightning stopped the game. Back at it on Saturday evening, the running game shifted into high gear... Ohm picks up 11 yards on a toss left. Collin Lucas and Austin Doyle clear a path for Ohm to pick up four more yards. Kyle Kuhar opens a hole for a four yard Lucas run. Winkel turns to hand off to Ohm as the Shoremen collapse the right side of the Ranger defense... ...and Wyatt picks up 22 yards to the Ranger 25. Kuhar and Seipel seal off their defenders... ...allowing Ohm carries for 14 on a toss left. Seeing as how the Rangers couldn't stop that play, Coach Laird called it again... ...and again... ...and Ohm cruised in for the score from four yards out. Voloshen splits the uprights to tie the score at seven. Jeremial Campo close in on Osbourne. Kuhar's penetration slows this QB keeper... Pivcevich and Seipel can hold it to a loss of one. Seipel breaks a couple of tackles on a 13 yard punt return. Max pulls in a 37 yard bomb from Winkel. Doyle and Lucas stop another keeper. Tony Mango's initial hit on this jet sweep led to a crash landing. Doyle belts the QB as he releases a pass. This sweep looks promising for the Rangers... ...until Doyle runs it down from behind. The running room the Rangers found on Friday night completely disappeared on Saturday. Turner Keane blocks on punt, and Quinn Cantleberry heads downfield... ...where he makes a nice stop on the return. It's Lucas vs. Lucas as Collin sheds a block... ...and drags Jason down to force a punt. Collin takes the handoff from Winkel... ...and stampedes up the middle for 23 yards. Matt Pechaitis leads on a counter. Seipel snags the go-ahead touchdown pass with a DB's hand on his facemask. Campo breaks up a pass in the flat. Mango puts the brakes on a bootleg run. Coach Laird explains the finer points of offensive alignment. Disbrow stops this punt return before it starts. Winkel rolls left behind great protection. Keane and Lucas destroy a counter play. The Shoremen ground attack had the game under control until penalties and sacks moved them back 30 yards. On second down at the Avon Lake one yard line, Trevor Anderson ran down this keeper... ...with Lucas and Ohm making sure the runner couldn't reach the end zone. As time runs out, the D-line gets good penetration... ...and the rest of the defense swarms in to clinch the win.