Wyatt Ohm returns the opening kickoff across midfield. Ohm drops to pass on 3rd &7. With good protection, David sees Cantleberry on the left sideline... ...and Quinn muscles his way to a first down. The Shoremen O-line opens a big holes for Ohm... ...and Wyatt pounds his way to another first down. Matt Pechaitis reaches for a linebacker on a toss sweep. Al Pivcevich drops Falls QB Nick Fritz for a loss. Danny Disbrow sacks Fritz to force a punt. Collin Lucas belts the Bulldog QB as he throws. Matt Gottschall returns a kickoff. Kyle Kuhar blocks the Bulldogs contain man... ...allowing Ohm to turn upfield unmolested. Sam McKinley & Austin Doyle fire off the ball. This time two defenders meet Ohm at the corner... ...but Wyatt leaves them both on the ground for a gain of 8. Pechaitis seals off a defender. Lucas and Kuhar lead Ohm over the left side... ...and Wyatt has plenty of room to cut back. Pechaitis & Disbrow open another nice hole. Max Seipel pulls down a pass in the flat. Kuhar rumbles to a first down on a fake punt. Lucas winds up to heave a pass... ...to a lonely David Winkel. Winkel pulls it in without breaking stride... ...and cruises across the goal line untouched. Tristan Benware rushes the passer. Looks like pass interference to me. Lucas finds a clear path on a dive play. Winkel keeps on the read opton for a first down. Austin Doyle closes off the Klimkowski gives Winkel time to survey the defense. McKinley blocks back on a counter. Klimkowski follows Kevin Sullivan's block. Sullivan and Grant Davis open a lane... ...and Ohm is off and running again. Gottschall picks up six on a pass from Winkel. Davis looks for a linebacker to block. Sam Klimkowski leads a sweep to the left. Cantleberry heads upfield after the catch. Kuhar and Campo stop a screen pass. Kuhar takes all the fun out of running the ball. Alex Voloshen steps into an extra point. Winkel intercepts a bomb in the third quarter... ...and returns it to midfield. Disbrow makes a perfect tackle to stop this run for a loss of one. Campo and Thielman break up a short pass. Kuhar and Turner Keane blow up a keeper. Thielman and Klimkowski block as Winkel looks deep... ...for Gottschall, who makes a great catch with the defender drape all over him. Klimkowski picks up nine on a flare pass. Thielman dives over the pile for a touchdown. Tony Mango carries for a nice gain. Bryce Crawford blocks a defensive tackle. Just like big brother, Holden Ohm returnes a kick into Falls territory. Brian Sharp flies around left end... ...and follows a nice block to a gain of 14. Kenny Schneider stops a run in the backfield. Not to be outdone, Nick Horton stops a run in the backfield AND jars the ball loose for a fumble. The Bulldogs tailback can't get by Corey Vidumsky.