Grant Davis & Sam McKinley block down and Austin Doyle pulls to lead an off-tackle run on the first play from scrimmage. Wyatt Ohm is hit in the backfield but still manages a three yard gain. Davis and Ben Oxley pull on a counter to the left... ...and Ohm makes the only unblocked defender miss on his way to an 18 yard gain. The Shoremen try that off tackle run to the left again... ...and this is how it is supposed to look.... Ohm gallops ahead for 13 more yards. Oxley seas off the inside... ...Max Seipel pushes to corner outside... ...and Lucas clears out the hole for to send Ohm ahead for another nine. It's counter time again. Davis and McKinley open another big hole... ...and Lucas carries straight ahead on a dive play. Matt Pechaitis leads Ohm for yet more yardage. Alex Voloshen boots a 29 yard field goal. Danny Disbrow takes down Eagles tailback Ben Kurcsak. Trevor Anderson pressures North Olmsted QB Brad Novak on 3rd & 9. Kyle Kuhar nails Novak for no gain on a keeper. Turner Keane and Anderson stuff Kurcsak at the line, as the Eagle tailback never really got going in this game. Rear view of the counter. Thielman and Lucas hold a keeper to a gain of one. Anderson trips up Novak as the big boys move in to clean up. Anderson corrals Kurcsak at the line... ...and Thielman helps bring him down. Lucas runs down Novak on a sweep. Collin stands up the Eagle QB short of the goal line. Jace Russell returns a kickoff to the Shoremen 35. Pechaitis blocks as David Winkel drops to throw. David throws to the left... ...for Quinn Cantleberry, who has a first down. Seipel wrecks a jet sweep for a loss of three. Matt Gottschall returns a kickoff. For a change of pace, this counter goes to the right... ...and Ohm picks his way through the clutter. Ohm follows a pancake block to pick up eight. Wyatt dives across the goal line for Avon Lake's first TD. Oxley blocks the tackle... ...Ohm follows Pechaitis through a gaping hole hole... ...and Wyatt is off to the races for a 20 yard TD. The defensive line digs in as North Olmsted threatens late in the fourth quarter. Kuhar and Pivcevich stop Novak to hold theEagles to a field goal. Lucas stops Novak at the two in overtime. Winkel turns and fakes to Ohm... ...and has lots of time to find a receiver. David fires it out to Seipel... ...who makes the catch at the eight... ...and crashes ahaed to the three Everyone steps right to start the toss sweep. Here'e a picture perfect reach block by Pecahitis... ...and a none to shabby lead block from Ohm. Lucas sprints unmolested around the corner... ...and celebrates thegame winning touchdown!