Ben Oxley drags down Lorain's QB for a loss on the first play from scrimmage. Turner Keane limits the damage after a Titans completion for a first down. Danny Disbrow recovers a fumble at the Shoremen 48. Kuhar collapses the defensive front on a counter... ...and Wyatt Ohm follows Kevin Sullivan for a gain of seven. The Shoremen offensive line fires off the ball deep in Lorain's end of the field. Collin Lucas meets the runner in the hole... ...and a few of his buddies join in to hold the play to a one yard gain. Max Seipel pulls in a short pass from Winkel... ...and he's off to the races for a 72 yard touchdown. Lorain had problems handling the Shoremen defensive front all night. Winkel fires a pass towards the right sideline. Lucas corrals Sherman Saunders from behind... ...and drags him down fro a loss of two. This time Al Pivcevich meets Saunders head on... ...and drops him for a loss of one. Jace Russell returns a kickoff. Seipel hauls in a bomb from Winkel at the 17... ...keeps his feet moving... ...and fights his way to the Titans three yard line. Jeremiah Campo returns a second quarter interception. Austin Doyle sets in pass protection. Ohm bounces a counter to the outside... ...and cruises 18 yards to paydirt. Trevor Anderson forces Eddie Williamson to cut back to the inside... ...where the reinforcements are waiting. I don't know how this punt got by Kyle. Anthony Thielman runs through a big hole on the right side... ...and powers his way for 13 yards and a first down. Winkel takes the snap from Sam McKinley. Ohm carries for another 16 yards to the Titans eight. Winkel turns to hand off to Thielman. Disbrow makes the kick returner dance in place... ...and a bunch of Shoremen swarm him under. Pivcevich just wouldn't allow Lorain to run up the middle. Sam Klimkowski takes over at fullback in the second half. Doyle sets his sights on a linebacker. Disbrow wraps up Williamson for a sack, and Kuhar closes in to make sure the QB goes down. Tony Mango powers his way to a first down. Back on defense, Mango breaks up a long halfback pass. Ian Mack cuts off the ball carrier. Quinn Cantleberry and friends stop Saunders on fourth and two. Brice Crawford protects as Campo fires a quick pass to the flat. Cole Schmidt hands off to Klimkowski... ...and Sam rumbles through another big hole. Matt Gomcsak carries around right end. Mango's quick tackle holds this pass play to a very short gain. Connor Gorman leads the way... ...and Brian Sharp cuts behind his block. Mack makes the stop on a kickoff return. It was a much happier postgame scene this week.