The Shoremen set for thefirst play from their own 15. Wyatt Ohm takes a toss sweep around right end... ...for 18 yards to the 33. Winkel reads the defensive end as he runs an option right... ...and pitches to Ohm for nine yards and a first down Anthony Thielman leads an off-tackle run. Austin Doyle protects the passer. Grant Davis & Sam McKinley block as Winkel fires a pass out to the right flat. Ben Oxley pursues as the QB rolls right... ...and smacks him down after a short gain, with some help from Max Seipel. Hoover tailback Chris Bledsoe became very well acquainted Al Pivcevich by the time this game was over. Ohm dives to bat away a pass in the flat. Seipel returnes a punt 14 yards to the Avon Lake 35. Davis blocks down on a running play. Doyle & Oxley clear some running room for Ohm. Matt Pechaitas neutralizes a defender. Oxley takes on a linebacker. Lucas corrals Bledsoe at the line as Seipel moves in to help. Pivcevich and Lucas stuff another run. Robby Fenik blocks on a kickoff return. Lucas finds a huge hole on a dive play. Seipel booms a 61 yard punt to theHoover six yard line. Lucas just misses a sack as he pressures Luke Grandjean... ...but on the next play he made sure he ahd a good grip on te Vikiing QB. Not to be outdone, Kyle Kuhar closes in on Grandjean. Winkel fires a quick hitch to Seipel, good for seven yards. Kuhar grabs Grandjean's jersey... ...and drags him down for another loss. Danny Disbrow celebrates his 43 yard interception return. Alex Voloshen nails the PAT out of Winkel's hold. Ohm won't let Grandjean turn the corner. The Hooover signal caller finds nothing on a run to his left... ...and has to run for his life to avoid Oxley as he rolls right. Jace Russell returns an interception 47 yards to the Viking 33. Jack Laraway blocks as Winkel turns to pitch... ... to Ohm, who runs hard down to the Hoover 10. The crowd cheers as the Shoremen take the lead for good. Lucas blows up another run for no gain. Ohm returns the Shoremen's third interception of the night. Russell obliterates a screen to the wideout for a two yard loss. Oxley pulls down Grandjean in the backfield. Coach Lairds new wide-open offense feature three fullbacks. Lucas rumbles around the right side for a first down. Jeremiah Campo picks up 12 on a pass from Winkel. Lucas wraps up Bledsoe again. Oxley stops Grandjean on a keeper. Hoover never gave up on running inside... ...and the front of the Marron & Gold Winkel spots Kuhar running free down the middle for the game-clinching score. Aww, fudge. Is the coach TRYING toget him killed?? Pivcevich harasses Grandjean on one pass play... And Kuhar takes over on the next. Campo puts a serious whack on the receiver. Grandjean battles toward the goal line... ... but comes up a yard short on the last play of the game.