Wyatt Ohm returns the opening kickoff. The Shoremen open up with a counter to the right.. ...and follow it up with the same play to the left. It might look different, but it's the same play back to the right, this time with David Winkel as the ball carrier. Jeremiah Campo sets to throw on a flanker reverse pass. Collin Lucas pursues on a jet sweep... ...and flings the runner to the ground for a loss. Max Seipel brings down  Brecksville tailback Carlo Milano. Kyle Kuhar nails Milano at the line of scrimmage Seipel pulls in a bomb from Winkel... ...and he's off to the races for a 69 yard touchdown. Winkel spots the ball for Alex Voloshen's extra point. Andy Varnis grabs the kick returner... ...and drags him down at the six yard line. Kuhar drops Bees' QB Tim Tupa for no gain. Collin Lucas sacks Tupa to force a punt. Lucas stops Milano for a loss of one. Danny Disbro closes in on Tupa... ...and stops him short of the first down. Austin Doyle targets a linebacker as Winkel turns to hand off. Ohm cuts back to daylight. Quinn Cantleberry gets whacked as the ball arrives... ...but he holds on for a first down catch. Sam Klimkowski leads a toss sweep. Disbrow trips up Milano at the line. Campo puts a smack on the receiver. Jace Russell returns a kickoff. Winkel runs a sweep to the left. Lucas and Kyle Beck Sack Tupa for a loss of three. Winkel hands to Lucas in his own end zone. Kuhar grabs Milano in the backfield again... ...and wrestles him down for a loss of one. Winkel rolls right to pass. Gottschall takes one for the team. Anthony Thielman carries off tackle. Matt Pechaitis seals inside on a counter... ...and Lucas finds a nice hole as Austin Doyle blocks the end. Winkel fires one to the right flat.. ...and Kuhar heads upfield for a first down. Pechaitis clears out a nice hole for Winkel. Ohm holds a hitch to a gain of three. Sam McKinley protects as Winkel drops back. Winkel throws over the middle...	...to Campo for a first down. Seipel puts a crazy move on two defenders... ...and streaks 44 yards on a slip screen. Doyle gets set to block as Winkel takes the shotgun snap. David scrambles for four yards. Ohm takes a pass in the flat for eight yards. It's straight ahead power football on 4th & 1... ...and Ohm fights ahead for the first down. Grant Davis & Austin Doyle block on a pass play Gavin Coe fights his way into Brecksville's backfield. Seipel makes one more guy miss as the clock runs out.