Kyle Kuhar blocks, and Grant Davis leads... Wyatt Ohm opens the game with a four yard run. Kuhar seals the edge... ...and Ohm finds a lot of daylight behind the blocking of Collin Lucas and Max Seipel. David Winkel breaks a tackle on his way to an eight yard gain. The Shoremen front sets up a solid wall  of pass protection. Austin Doyle and Matt Pechaitis pull to lead a counter... ... clearing the way for Ohm's 19 yard gain. Davis, Doyle, and Sam Mckinley form a wedge... ...and Lucas loses his hat as he powers through. McKinley reaches to his right on a toss sweep... ...and Ohm finds a little more traffic as the Titans defense got tougher. RB Justin Hall finds has nowhere to go but down. Ohm breaks a tackle on the free kick after the safety. Winkel looks downfield as he rolls right... ...and fires a bullet over the middle... Quinn Cantleberry for a 12 yard gain. Danny Disbrow belts the receiver after a short completion. Disbrow gets a piece of Hall to slow him down... ...and Lucas hauls him down after a gain of one. Winkel picks up 13 yards on a sweep left. Ben Oxley protects the passer... ... and Seipel protects the ball as he picks up a first down on a pass from Winkel. Matt Gottschall fights for yards after the catch. The Shoremen fake play action... ...and Seipel skies for another  first down. The Shoremen run their bread & butter off tackle play... ...creating another huge hole for Ohm. Winkel scrambles away from pressure and launches a 12 yard TD pass. Lucas terminates a QB keeper. Collin crushes Dan States for a loss of 10. Cantleberry pulls in a pass and looks for running room. Lucas & Kuhar lead Ohm to another first down. Ben Oxley & Sam McKinley keep the pressure away from Winkel. Lucas and Thielman drop Hall for a loss at his own one yard line. Disbrow closes in to stop a keeper for no gain. Jeremiah Campo goes up high to snag another first down for the Shoremen Ohm gets loose for a 29 yard run to the Berea 21. Winkel starts to his right... ...but has to scramble back to the left on 3rd & 10. David breaks a tackle at the 20... ...and powers his way to a first down at the nine. Winkel and Ohm execute the read option. The Shoremen set to go on 2nd & goal at the two. Winkel pitches to Ohm... ...and Wyatt cuts back inside for the score. Lucas reads the quarterback. Ohm finds clear sailing, sprinting 42 yards on a jet sweep. Winkel rolls right as he completes this pass on 4th & 4. Winkel gets the snap from McKinley... ...andd hands to lucas, who powers through the line... ...and on into the end zone for a 10 yard touchdown. Voloshen tacks on the extra point. Tristan Benware belts the quarterback... ...and takes him down for the sack.