Anthony Thielman blocks for Kyle Beck on the opening kickoff. Beck battles for a few extra yards. The shoremen open up with their base off-tackle play... ...and Wyatt Ohm sprints 70 yards untouched for the score. Alex Voloshen boots the PAT. Danny Disbrow blows up a quarterback sweep. Jace Russell returns an interception to the Amherst 25. Ben Oxley and Grant Davis keep the pocket clean for David Winkel. Davis pull as Winkel turns to pitch to Ohm on the Shoremen's second touchdown. Danny Disbrow and Max Seipel wrap up a kick return. Collin Lucas shoots down a jet sweep. Trevor Anderson and Al Pivcevich close in for a sack.	Seipel reaches for a pass from Winkel. Davis and Sam McKinley set up in pass protection. Anderson and Lucas stop an inside run. Ohm is off and running again, this time for 32 yards. Lucas picks up nine yards on a counter. Matt Gotschall scores on an 18 yard passs from Winkel. Voloshen boots another extra point. Disbrow sacks the QB at the Amherst 25 to force a punt... ... which Jeremiah Campo returns to the Comet 20. Russell cradles a four yard TD pass. Matt Pechaitis blocks on a pass play. Winkel zips one over the middle... Campo for a first down. Disbrow gets a piece of the ball carrier... ...who is swarmed under by the pursuit. Lucas and Campo stuff the tailback. Kyle Kuhar snags a pass from Winkel. Kyle turns upfield in traffic.. ...steps out of a tackle... ...and rumbles away into Amherst territory. Winkel scrambles up the middle... ...and sets up a block by Campo. Oxley sights in on a linebacker as Thielman takes a handoff. Anthony breaks a tackle at the corner... ...and heads for the goal line on this 23 yard touchdown run. Lucas heads upfield afterr picking off a pass in the flat. Campo fakes to Sam Klimkowski on the quarterback counter. It looks like Jeremiah is stopped at the line... ...but he breaks free for a 15 yard gain. Seipel heads upfield after the catch. The O-line collapses tohe defensive front... ...and Thielman follows Klimkowski to another score. Somewhere in there is a Comet kick returner. Kuhar puts the brakes on a quarterback draw. Kyle Beck and Andy Varnis break up a pass. Tristan Benware brings down the tailback. Jack Laraway blocks on  a running play. Nick Horton seals the edge on a toss sweep. Brian Sharpe follows Connor Gerlach to a first down. Holden Ohm follow Gerlack on the iso. Sam Telepak blocks a DB. McKinley & Varnis are all smiles after the victory.